We are a new T-TRAK-Z club located in the Northwest part of Florida (also known as the Florida Panhandle). Our mission is to promote the T-TRAK concept of modular model railroading.

T-TRAK-Z Standards: We follow the 25mm track spacing for Z Scale.
All other T-TRAK-Z standards can be found here: (http://ttrak.wikidot.com/t-trak-z)

Standard Module Color: We adopted the color scheme of the North Texas T-TRAK club for the fascia. Behr – Owl Brown

For the deck we will use a custom color mix: Behr – Custom Color Mix


Using Rokuhan track, the track plan fits on a total of four doubles and four corners.  All of this fits on a standard 30″ x 72″ folding banquet table.  The table will be draped with a black cloth.  Structures for the layout will include a mix of typical US buildings, European buildings and Japanese buildings.  Some of these will be modified somewhat.  Click on the image for a larger view that will open in a new tab.

Rokuhan R062 Expanded Plan
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