Northwest Florida T-TRAK-Z

Z Scale Modular Railroading

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Z Scale Modular Railroading


T-TRAK-Z layouts are composed of individual modules with track that snaps together to form two parallel rail lines which are operated as independent mainline circuits. The layout is designed to have 2 rows of modules arranged along a standard 30” wide banquet table.

Current Module Layout


This is the current layout makeup using modules for the Northwest Florida T-TRAK-Z Club.  All of this fits on a 30 inch x 96 inch banquet table.

gallery/expanded 220_245 revised current plan

 Layout Possibilities


Modules can be arranged in various configurations to form more complex layouts.  The image to the right shows how modules from the image above can be arranged to form an "L" shaped layout by adding a few more modules.  The only limitations are your space and imagination.


The "L" shaped layout depicted to the right will be the basis of my home layout.

gallery/revised l shaped home layout