Northwest Florida T-TRAK-Z

Z Scale Modular Railroading


Photo courtesy of ArchiStories Laserkunst

On this page you will find the various projects I am currently working on or have completed.  Most of these are a gallery style presentations of the work.  If specific information regarding the projects are deemed necessary then there will be a description along with the images.

gallery/frye house 0001

Archistories 402111 Frye House

Manufacturer Description: A home modeled in typical turn of the century Northern German architecture made of red bricks. The prominent central portion of the building with the second story protrusion makes this home what they call in Germany a "Captain's house." The actual home that inspired this kit was built in 1894 in Lingen, Germany, actually housed an Emsland Workshop railroad worker and his family. The house still exists even today and has special meaning to the designer. This product can be used in different applications by swapping the roof surfaces. At the back of the house is a small extension where pigs or chickens were housed for self-sufficiency of the residents.