Faller 282706 Blumendorf Wayside Station

These are my thoughts on the Faller 282706 Blumendorf Wayside Station and its construction.  The finished kit measures 4.1 x 2.76 x 1.69″ (104 x 70 x 43mm).  Faller describes this structure as a small village station typical of the European countryside.  This building kit contains: 60 single parts in 4 colours, window parts, 1 paper mask, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.  Faller’s description states that the period of the station is from 1921 – 1945.  There are many buildings that have stood the test of time and in my world this will be one.  The back story is based on my great grandfather who was a Mennonite farmer from Russia who migrated to the Netherlands and then settled in Hillsboro, KS.  These settlers brought with them the building skills they had developed and continued their practice of building structures using the same techniques here in the U.S.

I first opened the box and laid out all the parts to ensure that the kit was complete.  In addition, I familiarized myself with the parts.  The instructions were visual in nature but one thing I noticed was that some of the part numbers on the instructions did not match with the corresponding part.  The instructions being a visual type of instruction did not preclude me from continuing with the assembly.

Using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (one of my favorite model cements) I proceeded with the assembly.  Assembly was pretty straight forward and went together fairly easily.  One of the things that is common with Z scale structures is that some of the parts are so tiny and delicate that it can be difficult to get those placed on the structure.  Notably these are details such as gutter down spouts etc.  Since it doesn’t effect the overall appearance I sometimes choose not to add these.

All in all I would rate this structure as fairly easy to assemble.  The kit comes pre-painted and there is really no need to paint any portion.  All that needs to be done is some weathering to the kit and it will look good on the layout.  The other thing I really like about it is that it comes with a rounded platform that you can choose to use or not.  I chose to keep it since I will be using it on a corner module and it matches well when placed next to the Rokuhan 195 curves.




Author: Charles Jantzen

I have been involved with model railroading for a long time (not as long as some). I have had different layouts (HO and N scale) over the years, mostly what some would call traditional layouts ranging from hollow core doors to starting on an around the room project. We moved and down sized and that plan was scrapped. I have always been fascinated with Z scale and finally took the plunge and started a T-TRAK-Z club (albeit I am the only member for now) and beginning a T-TRAK-Z layout.

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