New York Firehouse Kit by Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Co.

Project today will be the New York Firehouse kit from Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Co. that I ordered from Z Scale Monster Trains.

Laid out the kit to make sure all the parts were there. The only problem was one of the drain pipes was broken during shipment. You should have seen how USPS crammed all of the orders that came in that day into my mailbox.




The first step will be to prime all of the parts.  I use a gray primer in a rattle can and I like to prime both sides of the kit.  If any of the small detail parts are on a sprue leave them on the sprue when priming and painting.  You don’t want them “blowing” all over the place from the air pressure of the rattle can.





The next step was to paint the interior walls a flat black.  This will help eliminate the “hollow” look that occurs if you don’t.  It also will help to prevent light leakage if I decide to install interior lighting later on.





Painted the exterior walls a Brick Red and the doors Golden Brown. The lower half of the front facade is the Gray Primer and will leave as is for the stonework. I like the darker gray as opposed to some of the other grays I have on hand.

Once these pieces are dry I will assemble and weather.



The firehouse is complete.  All that is left to do is some touch up paint and weather it.


Author: Charles Jantzen

I have been involved with model railroading for a long time (not as long as some). I have had different layouts (HO and N scale) over the years, mostly what some would call traditional layouts ranging from hollow core doors to starting on an around the room project. We moved and down sized and that plan was scrapped. I have always been fascinated with Z scale and finally took the plunge and started a T-TRAK-Z club (albeit I am the only member for now) and beginning a T-TRAK-Z layout.

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