Track Plan and Modules

Following the T-TRAK-Z Standards, Northwest Florida T-TRAK-Z’s track plan utilizes Rokuhan track.  The modules are from Red River Models and are easily assembled.  They feature center bracing to prevent warping and also have pass-through openings in the bracing to allow for running your wiring neatly underneath the module.

The track plan consists of 9 modules.  We have 2 single wide modules, 3 double wide modules and 4 corner modules.  The scene for the track plan is a small rural town featuring a grain elevator for the wheat crop supplied by the farmers in the surrounding area, especially the left upper corner module which is home to the Friesen family farm.  The other industries served are Will’s Feed and Seed (non-rail served) and a propane dealer (non-rail served).  The right upper corner module will feature a FedEx facility.  The right lower corner will feature a passenger station.  The Main Street modules will feature a typical main street found in most small rural towns.



Author: Charles Jantzen

I have been involved with model railroading for a long time (not as long as some). I have had different layouts (HO and N scale) over the years, mostly what some would call traditional layouts ranging from hollow core doors to starting on an around the room project. We moved and down sized and that plan was scrapped. I have always been fascinated with Z scale and finally took the plunge and started a T-TRAK-Z club (albeit I am the only member for now) and beginning a T-TRAK-Z layout.

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