Why Not Join A Club?

While T-TRAK-Z is one of the easiest ways for an individual to get started in model railroading, one of the unique advantages of T-TRAK-Z is its ability to participate in group activities.  Joining a local club will enhance your experience and speed your learning process, as well as giving you a means to show off your modules at train shows and other events

To find a club near you visit http://ttrak.wikidot.com/ and click on the Clubs tab at the top of the page.  If there is not one listed that is near you check your local hobby shop to see if they know of one.  If you cannot find one you may want to consider starting one yourself and add your club to the T-TRAK Wiki.  You may be surprised at the response as there may be others in your area that share your passion and interest but did not know how to start one.


Author: Charles Jantzen

I have been involved with model railroading for a long time (not as long as some). I have had different layouts (HO and N scale) over the years, mostly what some would call traditional layouts ranging from hollow core doors to starting on an around the room project. We moved and down sized and that plan was scrapped. I have always been fascinated with Z scale and finally took the plunge and started a T-TRAK-Z club (albeit I am the only member for now) and beginning a T-TRAK-Z layout.

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